Personal Training

Our Personal Trainer Packages

Sessions usually last 55 min, with longer sessions lasting 80 min.

Your first session with a personal trainer

  • Get acquainted with our gym machines and equipment together with a professional.


1 more tailored session with a Personal Trainer

  • New workouts, body composition analysis, nutrition advice to suit your needs.


4 sessions with a coach, once a week for a month

  • Hone your workout routine or start going to the gym regularly in a safe manner.


6 sessions with professional guidance, longer workouts once a week for a month

  • Longer sessions leave plenty of time for learning, taking care of your entire body.
  • Or a regular 55-minute session once a week for a month and a half.


12 sessions with a PT, 1-3 times a week for 1-2 months

  • Make headway on the results you want with sessions more than once a week
  • Especially for those looking for longer workouts.


24 sessions with a coach, 1-5 times a week, for 1-4 months

  • Achieve results and gain a good foundation in fitness. Posture begins to improve
  • A fantastic package for beginners who want to see results.


36 guided sessions 1-5 times a week, for 2-6 months

  • The first-ever package for losing weight, building muscle and improving posture


58 sessions with a PT 1-5 times a week, for 3-9 months

  • Fitness levels will rise to impressive levels thanks to a results-driven routine.
  • You’ll be able to witness results thanks to regular training, and reach your goals.


116 training sessions with a Personal Trainer, 1-5 times a week, for 6-12 months

  • Feel great during your workouts and in life, an experience that won’t disappoint
  • Reaching your ambitious goals require more time with a personal trainer


Ninni Kykyri-Karjalainen

Individuality and all-encompassing wellness – Motivation and versatility – Body maintenance – Pre-natal and post-natal fitness CONTACT

Debora Zonghetti

Correcting the body’s imbalances – Activating the muscles in your core – Correcting walking mistakes CONTACT

Tuija Salmi-Lepola

Getting started with exercising – HIIT – Pre-natal and post-natal fitness CONTACT

Kirsi Päiväniemi

Endurance training – Neck/shoulder issues – Running technique, Cycling, swimming coaching CONTACT

Johan Malmström

Indoor cycling – Hypertrophy-specific training – Setting realistic goals CONTACT

Joonas Mähönen

Getting started with exercising – Losing weight, muscle growth – Modern nutrition CONTACT

Lauri Huttunen

FIN/ENG/RUS – Rehabilitation of back pain – Explosive power training CONTACT

Jiri Pitkänen


Mervi Forsström

(suomi) Koulutus: Trainer4youPT(kesken), LCF Life Coach (kesken) YHTEYDENOTOT

Jesse Korhonen

(suomi) Koulutus: Trainer4youPT(kesken) *Lihasmassan kasvattaminen *Kokonaisvaltainen hyvinvointi *Päätetyöstä johtuvien yleisten ongelmien hoitaminen sekä ennaltaehkäisy YHTEYDENOTOT

Juuli Torstensson

(suomi) Koulutus: Trainer4youPT(kesken) *Kokonaisvaltainen hyvinvointi, *Monipuolisuus & toiminnallinen harjoittelu, *Ryhmäliikunta YHTEYDENOTOT

Iida Säynäjäkangas

(suomi) Koulutus: Liikuntaneuvoja, PT, T4Y Ravintovalmentaja (kesken), *Kokonaisvaltainen hyvinvointi, *Elämäntaparemontit, *Liikunnan aloittaminen, *Toiminnallinen harjoittelu YHTEYDENOTOT