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Our massage therapist Annika warmly welcomes you to a massage!

Annika Alatalo

I graduated as a masseuse in the spring of 2015 and have worked as a massage therapist ever since. In addition to my work, I study orthopedic osteopathy and a broad range of other complementary courses including trigger, fascia, muscoskeletal treatments as well as dry needling.

My current favorite hobby is going to the gym, as I have a background in dance, gymnastics and baseball.

It’s important for me to do my work as well as possible while simultaneously developing my professional skills to the next level! I want to help my clients to feel good in a versatile way while giving specific focus to each person individually to the best of my ability, as well as sharing mutual cheer and joy through massage!

30min 32€
45min 42€
60min 52€
75min 62€
90min 72€

A massage appointment without cancellation will be charged 100% the price of the massage + handling fee.