PARTYFUNC is a dance class, where the sequence is built in an “old school” way, with the basic steps from aerobics. In this concept we teach instructors the proper way of building a sequence, starting from the easy steps and movements that everyone can do, slowly progressing into more complicated sequences that will give the participants the feeling of being on a big stage with their favorite artist. The music in this concept, like in every FUNCY FAMILY concept, has been very carefully selected, to give you that amazing party feeling. The music is original music, not a mixed aerobic music normally used on a class like this, giving more “life” through the contrasts that this type of music has. The sequence in each release is built to a specific “final” song, giving a powerful show ending to each class.

This class is suitable for everyone who like active classes with a dancy vibe. Like in all of our concepts, PARTYFUNC should not be taken too seriously. You don’t have to be a dancer to feel like a dancer. First rule of PARTYFUNC is, have fun! The second rule of PARTYFUNC is… HAVE FUN!




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